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The Top Job Search Tips You Should be Doing Now To Help You Find A Job Fast

Here at Job Search Tips the goal is to provide you with all the most current  information to help to you get a job fast in these tough economic times.   Return often to see what’s new as we continue to post the most current tips on job searching today.  

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These are changing times we are in today. Especially with job searching, things have changed.  What you need to do to find a new job and identify places that are hiring is very different than what it used to be.  If you need a job now, here are several job search shortcut steps that will give you a jump on the competition and help you get a job fast in today’s tough market.

The following top job search tips represent a very different way of going about finding a job in today’s market.  They can really help and will  give you an edge  vs. your competition, because most job seekers are not doing these things.

We will not spend much time on it here, but there are also somethings you need to be doing to your resume to even get noticed in this difficult job market.  A properly written resume is very important today.  If not put together in the right way you will not get calls by hiring officials.  Here’s where you can get resume help.

Top Job Search Tips for Today 

1.  Have the proper mindset-be positive
This may sound obvious but with all the gloom and doom talk today it is easy to get caught up in that negative mindset.    It is important to be positive. Know that the world is not coming to a screeching halt.  Business is still going to continue.  Companies are always looking to hire people that are proven performers.  If you are going to be successful today you must project a positive outlook.  It must come through in all your search efforts, especially when you’re talking, networking and presenting yourself to people.

Most important, in the first thirty seconds of a job interview be sure to present yourself in a positive way.  Employers, unfortunately, will make a decision on you in the first 30 seconds of an interview.  Don’t talk about anything negative or how hard it has been to find work.  Talk about your outstanding qualifications and the accomplishments and contributions you have brought to other companies and that you would like to bring the same to their company.  Doing just this will separate you from your competition.

2.  Know what you can contribute to a company and your accomplishments
More important than your skills are your accomplishments.  Companies today want to know what you will be able to do for them.  What you have accomplished in your past will help to prove that you can do what you say you can.  Anyone can say they have skills, but what you have accomplished with those skills will set you apart. Write down all that you have accomplished.  Make sure your resume is filled with your accomplishments.  When you network and at interviews focus on your accomplishments.

3.  Find Job Online-How to Use the Internet the right way
There is the right way to finding jobs online and the way most people search for jobs online.  Here is the most effective way to the use the Internet for your job search.  To most people, finding a new job means simply posting their resume on Internet websites.  Everyday they scan the job boards looking for jobs, and usually not finding ones that meet what they are looking for.  They also spend a lot of time hoping that someone will see their resume and call them.  That’s not going to work today.  You have to be more proactive. Use the Internet to identify companies that might be interested in a person with your skills and accomplishments.  Compile a list of these companies.

4. You are going to go right to the source
Most people go to the Human Resources department of a company when looking for a job.  That is the wrong place to start today.  They will ask for your resume and put it in the pile with all the others-or simply turn you away and say we are not hiring.

Here’s the secret:  you need to talk with the person in the company that you would report to if you had a job there. That’s the person that will appreciate and understand how your accomplishments can help them.  Believe it or not-even though a company may say they are not hiring-these people you will be talking to are always on the look out for top performers.  The trick is getting to them so you can let them know who you are, what you have accomplished and what you can do for their company.

5.  Now you have to call these companies
Your objective now is to call the companies on your list is to get the name of the person that you would report to if you had the job. 

6.  Your message and what to say
Your message is the most important part of this process.  It is not difficult, but must not be taken lightly.  You must write out a short message that you will use to present yourself to these people whose names you have collected.  Your message must be concise and convey how you can bring value to the company.  Your message will either be left on voice mail or presented in person if they answer the phone-that is always best.

Here’s an example:

"Hi (their name) this is (your name).  We haven’t met before, but I wanted to talk with you soon.  I have been a top contributor working with (your most recent company) as (the title for the position you are seeking).  Most recently I have been able to accomplish (share a recent accomplishment that shows that you increased sales, saved the company money, turned around a situation in a positive way.. Think like the person you are giving the message to and share with them something you did that will really catch their attention.)  I would like to talk with you about bringing those same kinds of accomplishments to your company.  If you could call me back at (leave your best phone number and a window of time).  Thanks and I look forward to talking with you."

If you have to leave a voice mail it can be very effective if you call back three or four times every couple of days and leave a slightly different message.  This is not a bad thing to do, rather it will be perceived as being professionally persistent.  It has been proven that you get more calls back after leaving four or more messages than just one.
7.  Be organized and tenacious in your follow-up
It is highly recommended you keep good records and notes of everyone you talk with, everyone you leave messages for, what was accomplished, and the next steps.  I recommend using an excel spread sheet if you know how.  Be sure to follow up when you say you will-people will remember.  Always send thank your notes.  Email is a perfectly acceptable format for that today.

These Seven Job Search Shortcut methods are not being used by most people.  If you need a job now give these a try and they will provide you with help finding a job fast today.

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