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Are You Asking Help Me Find a Job? Your Past May Be Hindering Your Job Search Efforts

February 17th, 2009 | admin | Help Finding a Job

Having Trouble Getting Hired–Your Past May Be Catching Up With You

Remember all that fun you had in high school or college?  Your past may be catching up with you if you are having trouble getting hired. 

Sure it is easy to blame the bad economy on not getting hired.  True, the job market is not as strong as we all would like it to be.  But companies are still hiring.  And because there are more people looking and fewer jobs available, it is allowing companies to be very selective.

In past years, it was different and when there were not enough candidates for all the jobs, companies sometimes would look the other way regarding certain situations that didn’t quite meet their criteria.  If a candidate looked good on all other fronts they were usually hired.

Now it is different.  Companies are going to carefully look over prospective candidates.  One area they are checking is if they can find out any clues about you from your past.

Know this, when a hiring decision is made it is based on things like a good match for experience, qualifications and accomplishments.  Chemistry also comes into play.  Many companies have candidates take profile tests to see if they come close to the same profile of their most successful people.  These are all pieces of the puzzle in trying to determine if the candidate will be a good fit for the job.

However, there is no sure way to guarantee if someone will be a good fit for a job.  There is always a certain amount of risk whenever a company hires someone.  The most important tell of how a person might perform in the future is to look at how they performed and their behavior in the past.

To that extent, be aware that companies may be looking for you on social networking sites like Face Book and MySpace.

Those crazy and sometimes embarrassing pictures you and your friends have posted online can tell a story about your past that employers may not look at very favorably.  

Now companies can’t discriminate when the go about hiring employees.  There is no way you will ever know if those crazy pictures were seen or even considered in the hiring process.  But can you afford to take that chance, especially in this down market?  Jobs are hard enough to locate and then win.

So be smart.  Job search shortcut number one—take down all those crazy pictures from the social sites.  Ask your friends to help you and do the same.  If you need to find a job fast today, you need to do everything you can to put your best foot forward.

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