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Are You Searching For Jobs Paying $100,000 plus? Here’s a Job Search Shortcut That Will Point You in The Right Direction

February 23rd, 2009 | admin | Help Finding a Job

Are You Searching For Jobs Paying  $100,000 plus?  Here’s a Job Search Shortcut to Help You Find Those Jobs.

Despite what you may hear on the news, companies in America are still hiring.  There is an abundant of jobs paying over 100k per year.  Companies are still looking for executive talent. You just need to know where to look for them. Here’s the easiest way we know to tap into the 100k plus job market and find employers that are hiring now.

A company called The Ladders.  You may have seen them featured on TV of read about them in Business Week or the Wall Street Journal.   The Ladders claims to publish the largest collection of online job listings and information for professionals seeking employment with incomes from $100K to $500K.  When you look at their site you will probably agree.


In addition to showing you where the $100k plus jobs are are, they offer a lot of online job search help and content for the $100k plus job seeker.

The people  we have spoken to at The Ladders  say it is their mission to bring the $100k+ job seeker together with executives that are hiring better than anyone else.  When we last talked to them, they said they had listed more than 35 thousand executive positions all across the US and had new positions coming in every day.  Today it is even more; more than 45 thousand executive positions are currently listed on this website.  And the news will tell you tonight jobs are hard to find.  They’re not hard to find if you know where to look.

Marc Cenedella, Founder and CEO of explains, in his own words, why The Ladders works so well. 

We’re focused solely on the top ten percent of jobs (jobs that pay $100,000 per year or more). We’ve found that the interactions on our site are much more relevant to both sides – job-seekers and employers. In fact, the typical job on receives only 12 applicants! And that’s good news for you. It means that hiring managers don’t have to wade through hundreds or thousands of applications, like they have to do on other job boards.”

When you take a look at it , you will see that the site works to help you in two ways.  You can search for $100k plus jobs that meet your criteria and you can post your executive resume on it and will be contacted by hiring executives when something comes up that meets what you are looking for.

So whether, you are actively seeking an executive position or you are sitting tight in a secure job but want to be kept aware of what else is going out there,  The Ladders is definately worth a look .

Video of The Ladders featured on CNN News: 


 The Ladders Commercial Featured During the 2009 Superbowl:

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