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January 19th, 2009 | admin | Help Finding a Job

Online Job Hunting Tips

Are you looking for a job online? Searching for an online job opportunity shouldn’t be that hard for anyone. With the right resources, social connections and a sure-fire resume, you’ll be able to land a good job in no time. Here are some tips to help you waddle through the process of job hunting.

Looking for the right resources

There are hundreds and thousands of job resources on the internet. How do you know which is the right one to pick or sign-up in? For starters you have to check whether a particular job website offers information or services for a fee or without charge. These websites often specify their membership fee as well as other fees on their inner pages. So make it a point to browse for payment information before joining an online job resource. Though there are some online job resources that provide premium service for those that can afford to pay a monthly membership fee. Be careful about giving crucial financial information to these websites, unless you really trust them. You might get surprised if you realize later on that they’re charging a few extra-dollars from your bank account, as monthly charge, because you signed up for their service. Online job resources like WorkNPlay Global offer free information and reliable service to job-seekers from around the world. Jobs are categorized by type/class and location. Employers can post job announcements on-site, while job-seekers can browse through their search form or sign up for job updates and have the latest jobs emailed to them. The service is really very convenient.

Selling Yourself through your Resume

Employers online will most likely not know who you really are in person, where did you come from, or what skills you possess, nor would they have the slightest understanding about your background. The resume sets the tone whether or not you will have a shot at an interview. It is best to highlight your past achievements, awards received, and to make your would-be-employers aware that you’re a person who can work really hard. Your academic achievements will help boost your chances of landing a job as well.

Setting-up for an interview

Most employers prefer chatting or having voice conference with their interviewees. Make sure you are ready for this. Practice what you’re going to say, and make sure you’re online early for the interview. Employers hate delays, and would always want to start on the dot. Its also a good idea to list down your skills, academic details, and other important information that might be asked by the interviewer, on a piece of paper. That way you don’t have to scramble recalling what seminar you joined before, and other similar matters.

Landing a Job

If you pass the interview and land a job, then that’s excellent. But if you don’t or if you feel that your chance of getting the job is very low, then don’t worry. Remember, there are lots of opportunities online. If you only have the credentials and work experience to back up your application, then you hold your chin up and carry on to the next job opportunity that come along the way. Don’t let the slight obstacle hamper your drive for success. Well, after getting the job, you will surely be asked to sign a lot of contracts (non-disclosure acts, etc.). Make sure you can accomplish all the initial requirements, and then get back to the interviewer for your work schedule and list of tasks. Leveling off with your new employer early on could save you from a lot of headaches later on.

Well that’s about it. Remember these tips and you can make a big difference in your career.

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   By Paul Selibio
Published: 10/16/2007

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How to Find a Job Online

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