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How To Find A Job Online-You Must First Answer the Question: Resume How To Write?

January 19th, 2009 | admin | Resume How To Write

Having a properly written resume is extremely important today if you are going to be successful in finding a job online or any job for that matter.   If it is not constructed correctly there are a number of problems that can occur, preventing you from getting noticed by all the right hiring officials.

An improperly written resume might never make it past screening software that hiring officials use. If the resume does not contain the right key words and they are not in the proper location the resume may not show up in searches. If the resume is not structured toward the job for which you are applying you may never get any calls. If your resume is not written in a way that showcases your experience and accomplishments in the right way, or is missing critical information, you will not stand out from the competition. Learning how to write a good cover letter and then putting one together is also very important. It should be carefully tailored to show that your experiences meet what the job is requiring.

If you want to know how to find a job online-begin with your resume and cover letter. Your resume will be an overview of your experience and the skills you have acquired throughout your career. As well, it should your accomplishments.

Make sure your resume speaks to those who see it in a clear, concise manner. If not, your resume will be tossed aside. Organization and structure are key elements in creating a strong resume. Here are some tips on putting together a resume that will help you get an interview for the job that you really want.

  1. Before you start creating your resume, determine your objective. Decide what sort of job you are aiming to attain and what skills, experience and accomplishments you have that may assist you in reaching your career goal. Clearly state your objective and form your resume around this.

  2. Aim to be clear and concise. Your resume is a great marketing tool. However, you don’t want to list every accomplishment in your resume. You want to give a potential employer what they want to see and in an easy-viewing fashion and you want to entice them to give you a chance to interview.  The objective of the well written resume is to get you an interview—keep this in mind.

  3. Use bullet points. Avoid using lengthy paragraphs. Resumes must speak to the reader in a matter of 10-30 seconds. Key phrases standing alone can assist the reader in seeing the most important information.

  4. The most common format used is a Chronological Resume. Using this format, you will be listing your work and educational history in chronological order. The general layout is as follows:
    Header with personal information. (Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Email)
    Objective statement
    Career and skills summary
    Reverse chronological career listings (Starting with present job, working backward and including employer names, locations and dates)
    Education background (School name, location, GPA, degree earned)

  5. Tailor your resume for each position you are applying for. When sending your resume out to an employer, highlight the reasons why you are qualified for that specific job. Try to avoid excess information that does not pertain to the position at hand.

  6. Be sure to include in your resume key words that pertain to the position you are applying.
    Take the time out to read and re-read your resume. Always check for grammatical and spelling errors. Sometimes, it is best to have your resume proofread by a second pair of eyes. Typo’s and misspelled words are easy to catch and make a big difference in the perception of your resume.

  7. A well written cover letter will also get noticed if constructed properly.  This is your resume cover page and it should address very specifically how you have the experience that the job is requiring.  The best way to write an amazing cover letter is to take the job description and address each of the job requirements, one by one, and explain how you have done and have a passion for what is being required.

  8. A solid resume and cover letter are very important.  If you need a job now make sure you do not take this step in the job search process lightly. It could mean the difference between getting noticed and invited in for an interview and being thrown in the pile with all the other resumes that hiring officials receive. You may want to consider using a resume writing service.  Here is a resume writing service we have found that does a very good job.

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