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Making a Resume-Common Mistakes To Avoid

January 22nd, 2009 | admin | Resume How To Write

How To Build a Resume and Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

Resumes are the cause of much stress and strife in the corporate world. They are supposed to present you in the best light, but often times a resume can do more harm than good when trying to snag that dream job.

A good resume can help you get to the interviewing process, but a bad resume can hurt your chances of getting any job, let alone the one you really want. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when writing the all-important resume. When you know what to avoid, you can create a better first impression of yourself.

Using the same resume for all applications: Unless you are applying for the same job again and again, it’s important to tailor your resume towards the job you are applying for. This means adjusting the objective and perhaps even tweaking the position and qualities you bring to the table. One size fits all is not true when it comes to resumes.

Using your career history as a laundry list of duties: Prospective employers are not interested in the menial tasks that you did at your old job. They want to know strategies that you employed and ways you made your last workplace more efficient and more profitable.

Forgetting the accomplishments section: No, this doesn’t mean you need to tell your potential employer you were an Eagle Scout. Instead, use victories at your last workplace, whether it was increasing productivity by ‘x’ amount, or receiving an award for your work. These things are what make an employer sit up and take notice.

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