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January 16th, 2009 | admin | Help Finding a Job

It has been said that networking can often be the best place to find a job.  Especially with today’s rough economy, that couldn’t be truer.  But what’s the best way to network?  Many people try to network—but they go about it the wrong way.   If you need a job now try networking this way-the right way.


Networking is the practice of talking to everyone in your circle to let them know you are looking for new work.  By letting others know you are looking for a new job, you will come to mind when they hear of something that may be beneficial to you.

But most people are not very good at networking because they don’t know the right questions to ask.  Instead of asking:  “I’m looking for work, do you know who is hiring” like most people do, ask this question:

“How did you find your last few jobs?”

You will be surprised how much information asking this question gets you.  This question is sure to generate tons of conversation with people and help you gather gems of valuable job search information.  By asking this question you are getting people to talk about themselves.  Everyone loves talking about themselves.  It is a flattering question.
By asking this question people will tell you all about their previous job searches and you probably will even learn about what they do in their jobs.  The best part about this is that they will actually take on a sense of obligation to help you, a subliminal way of thanking you for letting them talk about themselves.

This obligation will come back to you in valuable job searching ways.  These people you network with will provide great help finding a job for you by keeping their antennas up for opportunities.  They will very likely come back to you with information you never would have obtained it you had just asked the over used “do you know anyone who is hiring.”

Finally, stay in touch with everyone that you network with.  Follow up with them via the telephone or email.  When you talk to them try to bring that earlier question back into the conversation.  You can say something like this: “Remember when we talked recently on how you found your last few jobs?….well you told me……I was wondering……”
If you have been asking people “Can you help me find a job,” try this new question instead.  It is a great one and even recycled it can continue to yield positive results for you in terms of generating good job search conversation.

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