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How To Get a Job–Even When The Company Says They Are Not Hiring

May 10th, 2009 | admin | Help Finding a Job

How To Get a Job–Even When The Company Says They Are Not Hiring

With so many companies holding off on hiring you need to go about your job search in an entirely new way today.  Here’s how:

If you need help finding a job, keep this in mind, first, it is important to remember that companies are always looking for good people, especially people that have histories of helping their previous employers in impressive ways.

Even though the company you are interested in may say they have no openings, if they come across someone that can bring value to the company and help move the company forward, even in today’s tough economy, they will be interested in you.

So the second thing is-it is not all about you-it is all about the company.

Before you go to talk with possible employers you need to do some very important homework.  You need to spend time thinking about what you can bring to the new company.  Do this by writing down all the contributions you have made for your employers in the past.  Think of things like: 

  • What did you improve

  • Ways you saved money

  • Things you did to improve efficiency

  • How you helped the company increase productivity

  • Solutions you brought to the company

  • Problems you solved

If you can qualify any of these things that is always best. 

  • How many dollars did you save the company by your efforts?

  • How much in additional business did you bring in?

  • What was the percentage increase you brought about in productivity, safety, efficiency…? 

Hopefully you are getting the idea.

Position yourself as a turnaround artist.

If you need to find a job fast today, you need to think about yourself as a turnaround artist.  Think about all the problems or challenges you had to encounter and what you did to solve them with your past emplooyers. You want to be able to show the positive results you brought about when faced with tough situations.  The idea is you have done it before and you can do it again.  You want the prospective new company to know you are a proven performer and that they won’t be taking a risk by hiring you.

This is also important. It is always best to explain theses things in the following manner:  First tell the situation, then tell what you did and finally tell the result based on what you did.  Be very specific.  The idea is to show in quantifiable terms what your actions resulted in for the company based on problems you had to encounter.

Sure it’s a tough economy and even tougher job market out there today.  But remember that companies are always looking for top, proven performers.  If you need to find a job fast give this this new method for job searching a try.

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