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Need To Find a Job Fast? Here’s a Job Search Shortcut That Will Reap You Immediate Benefits

January 29th, 2009 | admin | Help Finding a Job

Your success in finding a job fast will be dependent on several factors, many that are out of your control.  But one that you can control and this is a “biggie”.  It is your attitude.

Everyone knows how tough the job market is today.  But there is reason to be positive.  Companies are still hiring.  Companies are always looking for top talented people. 

Having a positive attitude and presenting yourself in a positive manner and being upbeat in what you can bring to a company will carry a lot of weight in a hiring manager’s eyes.  Nobody wants to hear about how tough it has been for you.

A positive attitude creates a positive energy just as a negative attitude creates negative energy.  And both of these energies, in their own way can manifest in making things happen in either a positive or negative way. There is something called the law of attraction, it says that you will acquire what you want and need and work hard for.  The same happens in reverse with being negative.  Here’s an example:

As of this writing, the economy is mired in one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression.  Why did this happen?  Well there were a number of factors, but one was too much negative news, creating negative attitudes, creating a negative situation.  Look at it this way: with so many people taking on a negative, gloom and doom attitude they have stopped buying products.  When people stop buying products, companies stop making as many products because aren’t enough people buying them as there were before.  When companies stop making as many products they are forced to lay people off.  When companies lay off workers, the media reports the negative news and more people become negative.  See how the cycle works.

We can change our economic situation by starting with our attitude and you can find a job by making sure you have a positive attitude.

When you speak to employers paste that smile on your face and share in optimistic and bright terms what you have accomplished in the past and that you can bring the same kind of accomplishments to their company and what it will mean for the company.

Put together an action plan on what you want to accomplish each day in terms of your job search.  Be specific and make it quantifiable.  At the end of each day, look at what you have accomplished.  Feel good and be positive about what you have accomplished, because it is those little things you are getting done that will eventually help you find a new job.

Make a list of what you are good at and what you have accomplished when you worked at other companies. If you are looking where to find a job, use the Internet to identify companies that may have an interest in someone like you.  Seek out and speak to the person you would report to if you worked for that company.  Be prepared to share with them your accomplishments.  Be positive.  Remember people like being around positive people.

Be proactive, diligent and focused on your job search.  This is your job, don’t take a day off.  But do reward yourself at the end of the day with this job search shortcut of being positive, as you recap what you have accomplished.

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