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Places That Are Hiring-Find Out With These Helpful Free Tools

May 12th, 2009 | admin | Help Finding a Job

Places That Are Hiring–Find Out With These FREE Tools

If you are looking for places that are hiring then you need to be using my favorite search engines. Especially in this tough economy and challenging job market you don’t want to overlook any possible opportunity and these search engines can help you learn who is now hiring.

Most everyone knows about the 3 Big Three job search engines offered on: Monster, Career Builder and Yahoo/Hotjobs.

But there are three others that I actually like better.  You may have never heard of these three search engines. The three engines I am speaking of are:

Simply Hired


I will explain why I like these better than the Big Three search engines. is actually my favorite job search engine., not to be confused with the social networking site Linked In, is my favorite because they do something no other search engine does.  They allow you to find jobs that are taken directly from company websites.  These are the "hidden jobs" you have heard about that can be difficult to find.  In many cases these jobs are not located anywhere else on the Internet.  As of this date, when you use you are searching a database that contains jobs from 16,000 different companies.  That list is growing every day.

The best part is there is no cost for you to use the service.

It is important to know that companies do not advertise all their jobs on Monster and Career Builder.  Sometimes jobs are just listed internally and on the company website.  This unique search engine by LinkUp gives you the ability to see what jobs companies are putting on their websites. is a very comprehensive search engine.

Another job search engine I like if you want to know who’s hiring right now and can be a great job search shortcut is  This is called an aggregator site.  It is user friendly and easy to navigate.  It will search jobs based on the key words you enter on all the major job boards, newspapers, blogs, career pages, associations and some company websites.

You can set up on Indeed so that email alerts can be delivered that match what you are looking for daily. also has a neat salary tool so you can compare salaries of different job positions and titles.  They also have an interesting category which follows job trends you may find helpful. is another fast, easy to use aggregator site.

What do you need with another aggregator site you may be asking?  Well, if you want to be thorough in learning what places that are hiring you need to be using this free service also.

Similar to Indeed this search engine also looks at all the major job sites on the Internet.  I have run exactly similar searches on both of these search engines and they consistently come up with slightly different results.  So for that reason, you don’t want to miss a single opportunity, you should be using this tool as well. also offers additional helpful tools that allow you to find local jobs, identify hiring trends, research salaries and secure the offer letter.
So if you are wondering who has the "Now Hiring" sign hanging from their company window be sure to be using these helpful tools as part of your job search strategy.


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