Prepare To Ask These Great Questions For Job Interview

January 21st, 2009 | admin | Job Interview Help

It’s important to remember that a job interview is a two-way street and that you are allowed to (and expected to) ask some questions while you are there. Preparing great questions to ask at your next job interview will allow you to show the interviewer a bit about your thought process and perspective, as well as giving you crucial information such as whether the job is right for you.

Another important function of the questions you should be asking at the job interview is to build a foundation for your follow up process. You want to leave the interview with a clear understanding of how your follow up should proceed, and it’s important to get a feel for the hiring time-frame, know how many other candidates you are up against, and so forth. To build this foundation you should always ask these questions as the interview draws to a close:

1. What is your time frame for making a decision?
2. How many more candidates do you expect to interview
3. When do you need someone to start in this position?
4. Is there anything else you need to have a complete picture of my qualifications?

Establish rapport during the interview and maintain it throughout the follow up process

As you are asking questions at the job interview, try to connect with the interviewer in some meaningful way. This does not mean becoming his/her best friend, but if you establish good lines of communication and make a personal connection it will be much easier to avoid awkwardness when you are trying to stay in touch after the interview.

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