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Resume Objective Help—How to Write an Objective Statement That Will Get You an Interview

January 23rd, 2009 | admin | Resume How To Write



Resume Objective Help


The objective statement can be the most important part of the resume.  Aside from how the resume looks, it is the first thing a prospective employer sees.   It creates the very important first impression.  So if you are looking for resume objective help, in this article we will explain how to write an effective resume objective statement.


Your objective statement can be anywhere from 2-5 sentences. The best resume writing tip we have here is that your objective statement should be tailored to the position you are applying.


The biggest problem with objective statements is that they are too general and not specific.  Most people put together one resume and then use it for every position they apply for.   Try, as best you can, to match your experience and qualifications to what the company is calling for.  You might even consider putting the name of the company or in the least the industry name in the statement.  Also include the title of the position.


Before making a resume you should answer certain questions first.  The answers will help you construct a winning objective statement.


Ask yourself: 


1.  What are your professional goals?
2.  What are your primary qualifications, experience, expertise and strengths?
3.  What position titles have you held and which do you seek?
4.  What type of organization, industry, or company are you interested in working for?
5.  What have you accomplished professionally and how can this help a prospective employer?

Now that you have this information, match your answers up with what the company is looking for listed in the job posting or job description.  Now tailor what the company is looking for with what you have done and are looking for.


As you write your objective statement put yourself in the position of the person who will be reading it.  Ask yourself, would you want to interview this person based on their objective statement?


If you need help with resumes and are struggling with the objective statement keep in mind it should be specific and well tailored.  By keeping these two considerations in mind you will separate yourself from most other resume that are being considered for the position.



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